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'I'm worried new bin charge hike is first of many', says mum-of-4


Joyce Mulligan, of Ballymun

Joyce Mulligan, of Ballymun

Joyce Mulligan, of Ballymun

New bin charge hikes imposed before pay-by-weight bills are introduced have been criticised by a Dublin mother-of-four.

Joyce Mulligan said she was unhappy to get notice that her annual bin charges are to increase by €28 next month.

"It's terrible that my bin charges are going up so soon and I'm worried it could be the first of several price increases," said Ms Mulligan (60), who lives in Poppintree, Ballymun.


"I was paying a yearly charge of €172 but now I've been informed by Greyhound it's going up to €200 next month.

"The Government should introduce a system to cap bin charges at a certain level.

"Something has to be done to prevent further price increases.

"If bin price increases are not controlled, it's going to lead to a big increase in illegal dumping of rubbish by people who can't afford big rises."

Ms Mulligan added that she was against illegal dumping but was worried that the problem could get worse in some areas as a result of the current policy.

She said the company should collect green bins weekly as the fortnightly collection meant many householders were forced to put green items in black rubbish bins as the green bins were full after only seven days.

Dublin city councillor Noeleen Reilly said the public was already starting to witness rises in bin bills from waste management companies, despite pay-by-weight not being implemented until September.

"I've already been contacted by concerned customers of Greyhound who have been told that their bills will go up this month from €17 to €19.50 per month," she said.


"This is even before pay-by-weight comes in in September, when bills are expected to increase further.

"The Government has given waste management companies a free pass to charge what they want and this is why communities are so concerned about the impending new charges.

"They need to stand up to these companies, regulate the industry and reinstate the waiver system for low income families and those with particular health needs.

"We already have a huge problem with illegal dumping in the capital. These charges will only increase that as families struggle to pay them."

A number of Greyhound's customers in Ballymun have been informed of the new €19.50 monthly charge in recent days.

"To ensure collection in August, please make sure payment is made before August 1, 2017," said the company's message to customers.

They were invited to switch to a "fair usage" plan costing €16.50 per month, which includes a 10pc discount on their bills.

The company said customers who actively use their brown bin create a lot less black bin waste.

Environment Minister Denis Naughten confirmed on June 27 that "a more flexible frame for waste collection charges" was approved by the Government, including pay-by-weight or per-lift.

A "one size fits all" mandatory, nationwide per-kilo charging system will not be implemented, said the minister.