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'I'm wary of walking in town', says Thalia


Model Thalia Heffernan

Model Thalia Heffernan

Model Thalia Heffernan

Model Thalia Heffernan has said she is "more wary" of walking through Dublin after being attacked.

The 20-year-old was walking to an early- morning fashion show at Brown Thomas last July when she was set upon by a group of youths.

"That was scary. I was en route to work at about 4.30am in the city centre and went down a back road and ran into some drunkards," she said.

"In hindsight, it was probably an idiot move.

"A group of young people approached me, a girl in particular, and told me to give them my bag.

"When I declined, the girl hit me in the face a few times and one of her friends grabbed my bag and they ran off with it. It had everything inside."


Heffernan, from Ranelagh, reported the incident to gardai, who said it is still under investigation.

"I went through the whole works with the police," she told VIP magazine.

"The only damage that was done was theft, and I guess some mental stuff too. I'd be more wary of walking through town by myself now."

Speaking at the time, she said she spoke out about her attack "to highlight what's happening on a larger scale around the city".

"I was shaken. I just wasn't expecting it - you never think it would happen to you."