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I'm the driving force who gets the Blues moving

HE'S one of the most important men in Dublin football -- the bus driver who gets Pat Gilroy's men to the game.

Anthony Joyce, from Swords, has been driving the Dublin team to matches for the past three years, and he's been waiting for tomorrow all his life as a Dublin supporter.

He told the Herald: "I'd be nervous and I'd be hoping that they'd win.

"When they lose it's heartbreaking for them, and you're sitting on the bench watching it. "They train so hard all year round and for any sportsman to put so much effort in and to stumble at the last block, it's terrible.

"If they win, the adrenaline will take over and the atmosphere coming out of Croke Park will be unbelievable with all of the crowds standing out of the pub.


"I get an adrenaline rush when I'm driving behind a police escort and everyone looks and turns when they hear the sirens, and when I'm driving down the wrong side of the road into Croke Park."

He added: "For years I went to Hill 16 and I went to some away matches, and then all of a sudden I'm driving the Dublin team. It's a great honour to do it. And it's funny how things work out, for so long I was supporting them and now I'm driving them."

Anthony will be perhaps one of the most privileged Dublin fans on Sunday, because he will sit on the subs bench in Croke Park to watch the game.

"I've made more friends this week. People ringing me all over the place asking can I sneak on the bus with you," he joked.

"I've been driving the team for the last three years since Pat Gilroy took over.

"Anytime they've played away or needed a bus, I've been driving them.

"The lads are a nice bunch of lads and I'm looking forward to it. They've been a long time waiting for it.

"Over 30 of the guys that I've been following are sitting behind me when I'm driving in. It's great."