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I'm strong since my teen illness

I'm lucky in that I love to exercise and I consider it a very important part of my daily routine.

In fifth year of school, I was quite sick and I think that made me realise just how important it is to take care of yourself - both physically and mentally.

I had glandular fever as a teenager which literally had me bed-ridden from September until February of the following year.

Then I got shingles on my face and in my eye, which had me back to square one again. It was frustrating at the time but I got through it.

And I always think that it could have been worse.

I absolutely love my food - and I do try and watch what I eat and stay healthy.

But I think everyone loves a cheat day here and there.

Lynn Kelly (inset) got a lot of publicity for putting up a photo of herself in lingerie recently but I think her figure is down to hard work and healthy eating.

There's no doubt about it - because her muscle definition is insane.

I will be getting on to her before the Miss Universe international competition and getting her to feed and train me.

I really think that she looks incredible.