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I'm so glad I walked from RTE - Lucy

Lucy Kennedy said she now knows her decision to jump ship from RTE to TV3 was "justified" after being given her dream job.

She'll take centre stage at the Ballymount station when she starts presenting the first-ever Irish edition of Blind Date.

The mum-of-two (37) spent nearly a decade working on RTE TV shows and on 2fm before moving on to rival TV3 nearly a year ago - joking how "RTE were probably relieved".


"TV3 has been great. I've only been there 11 months and they're really looking after me and listening to what I want to do, which is so nice," she said.

"I'm mad about Jeff Forde, he's a great guy. He's a really good boss. I wanted an afternoon and I wanted to do Blind Date and TV3 have given me the two shows I wanted in the space of 11 months.

"I'm so excited. It's going to be great craic. We're going to have the three stools, the three contestants, the sliding door, the big reveal. It's going to be Blind Date as we know it, but with Irish contestants."


Lucy has just one qualm about her new presenting gig - namely shooting in TV3's new High Definition studio.

"We're not going to start shooting until January so I have a few months to sort out my skin," she continued. "With the HD studio, you can literally see your pores and I have to go for one of those derma-peels as after pregnancy, you get pigmentation and everything shows up in HD. So I'm literally going to have to get a chemical peel. That's it, no Botox - not yet. I'm not going to rule out anything yet."