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I'm so excited that injured Ruby will be back in saddle

This is my tenth year going over to Cheltenham and do you know what? The excitement of it never wanes.

I'm really looking forward to it. I still get very nervous beforehand as I think of the week that lies ahead.

I never know what's going to happen for me, financially, and I'm sure 80pc of racing fans think, if the bookies just turn up, they're instantly winners. But that isn't the reality.

For everybody, the cost of going over to Cheltenham is so expensive, it's a huge cost between the flights and hotels. I would have to make between €3,000 and €4,000 before I even start making any profit.

It's just a great experience going over there, being involved in all the excitement, listening to the roar from the crowds and the cheers as their horse wins.

People are starting to recognise me now from the track and I'm asked to do loads of autographs and photographs. It's not a big deal, I find it all very funny.

I usually start every race week with an interview on Channel 4 with John McCririck, we do it every year. And there's always a bit of slagging between us. I'm only 5ft 4in and he's probably 6ft but I know I could take him on verbally if I had to -- I could eat him alive!

I always try to look smart for the races and I have loads of different hats. But the way things are going this year, I might have to do a bit of recycling and wear an old one.

This year I'm going over with my father Ronnie, who's also a bookmaker, and we always stay at the same house. It's about a mile from the course and we can just flop around in our pyjamas in the morning, have our breakfast and it's the bees knees, it really is.

Lots of people who head over there would go out on the town every night but it's not for me. I'm not a drinker at all, it's been nine years since I had a drink, I just wouldn't have the energy to do the job if I did. I'd be too wrecked.

People ask me what's the big appeal of Cheltenham and I would say I suppose it's the class of racing on offer. It's where all the big jockeys congregate. It's hugely competitive with a great mix of people and there's the whole rivalry between the English and the Irish. It's a fantastic location and the people are lovely, it is the Olympics of the National Hunt for the English, like our Punchestown.

Gold Cup day is absolutely huge -- people who couldn't care less about racing will be there.

Cheltenham is magic, it's just like a bug that bites you and as soon as each year is over, you're like 'when can I go again?'

It's too early to make predictions for Irish horses but we always do well over there. The significant thing is the fact that Ruby Walsh is back in the saddle after being injured. Over there, they're just as frantic about him as we are. When he's on a winner, the English cheer just as hard as the Irish -- he's the uniting force every time.