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'I'm scarred for life after botched op on breasts'

A WOMAN who developed a life threatening infection in both breasts after augmentation surgery has brought her case to the High Court.

Kate Murray (28) from Dun Laoghaire is suing Italian plastic surgeon Marco Loiacono and others over the treatment she received during the €5,800 procedure at the Cosmedico Clinic, Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow on March 15, 2008.


She subsequently spent a month in St Vincent's Hospital and had to have nine procedures and skin grafts after she was admitted on April 4, 2008.

She suffered septic shock and advanced cellulitis as a result of post-operative infection.

Mr Loiacono (35) was struck off the Medical Register in July 2011 after a Medical Council fitness-to-practise committee found him guilty of misconduct on 14 charges in relation to his treatment of Ms Murray.

It also found that he failed to provide her with adequate medical care after the operation.

Plastic surgeon Peter Meagher, in evidence to the Medical Council hearing, described Ms Murray's treatment as "absolutely reckless in the extreme" and said she would be "horribly physically scarred for life".

"I have no doubt that if she did not go to St Vincent's there was a very real possibility she could have ended up in intensive care on a ventilator and anything after that would have been possible," he said.

Consultant surgeon Denis Evoy, who treated Ms Murray at St Vincent's, said she had severe sepsis and was just a step away from necrosis fasciitis -- the so-called flesh-eating infection.

Ms Murray, who now lives in London, had made repeated visits to the clinic before the implants were removed on March 31.

She was left with severe scarring running along the sides of her breasts, the fitness-to-practise hearing was told.


The committee recommended that Mr Loiacono be struck off and recommended all clinics that performed plastic surgery should attain standards of pre- and post-operative care as defined by the Medical Council.

In July 2011 the High Court confirmed the council recommendation that Mr Loiacono be removed from the Medical Register.

Mr Loiacono has since left Ireland to work in Italy.