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I'm relieved that Maths is over but can't relax too much

Jack Kennedy (15) from Sandford Park School had a good day yesterday with Maths Paper Two and Civics. He has a free day today but is busy preparing for French and History tomorrow.

"I was pleasantly surprised by yesterday's Maths Paper Two exam. It was one of the ones I was wary about and everyone was quite nervous in the morning. I thought some bits were tough but it was generally a good paper.

"I did find one question in the trigonometry section quite difficult. It was the only bit that really had me worried and I had to spend a long time at it. I think I worked it out in the end.

"A few of my friends did the Junior Cert last year and had told me that Paper Two was particularly hard.

"Maybe our paper was easier than other years but it definitely wasn't as tough as I thought it would be.

"Civics has a reputation of being one of the easier exams and it didn't cause anyone too much difficulty.

"The Civics exam lasted for an hour and a half but I still finished 15 minutes early. I wouldn't usually leave an exam early but I read through my answers and I was happy to hand it up before the end.

"I was off today because I don't study Business. It was nice to have a few extra hours in bed and I woke up feeling refreshed. I have so much to revise for my History and Science exams so I couldn't relax for too long.

"I also have to practise for my French exam which is on first thing in the morning but my teacher is really good for that subject so I should be prepared for anything they can ask."