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'I'm raging -- I've spent fortune on tickets but have nowhere to stay'

Daniel Carroll (29), warehouse operative from Bray, Co Wicklow

This was meant to be my first time supporting Ireland abroad and now the whole trip's in jeopardy.

I thought staying in a campsite with other fans was the perfect option -- convenient, cheap and with a great atmosphere.

I did look at other options but hostels quickly booked up and hotels were far too expensive.

About a month ago, I started having doubts because we were not getting any updates on the campsite and organisers were still not taking bookings.

I decided to stick with it, because we were told this was the place to be.

When I found out yesterday afternoon that it wasn't going ahead, I was furious.

We've all paid hundreds of euros for plane and match tickets, this was the last piece of the jigsaw and they never even suggested that it might not go ahead.

They misled us all the way -- they even showed off their site on the news.