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I'm on my own in Fran mode, says star Peter

AS the Love/Hate gang-war is set to reignite on our screens this week, Peter Coonan has spoken of how he gets into "Fran mode" to portray the mob psycho.

Coonan will return as the popular character - who can turn from "coola-boola" catchphrase-spouting to violent thug in seconds - this Sunday night on RTE.

"There have been scenes where I need to concentrate more on going into 'Fran mode' to be able to get this darker side.


"And that's when I have to have my lunch on my own and stay away from everyone," he said.

"I go outside to the car and keep my head down."

And Coonan says he takes a different approach when it comes to Fran's "loveable rogue side".

"On those days I let myself come out a bit and chat to people because that helps you be a bit more funny".

It's believed that the new series will see Fran clash with rival crimelord Nidge - played by Tom Vaughan Lawlor - but Coonan's lips are sealed - even at home with his partner Kim.

"People know at this point I am not going to tell them anything. I don't tell my family, Kim or anyone what's happening," he said.

The couple recently welcomed baby Beth and Coonan also has a son, Ben, from a previous relationship.

He said that being a dad has changed his perspective on what's important in life.

"Kim and my family are where my focus is every day to make sure they are happy and the house is heated and there's food on the table."

Coonan is currently starring in Borstal Boy in the Gaiety Theatre where he plays a young Brendan Behan.

"Doing both TV and theatre work is an absolute joy and I am glad to have this opportunity," he said.