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I’m not worth €500k wage... nobody is, insists Marian

RTE broadcaster Marian Finucane thinks nobody is worth a €500,000 pay packet.

The radio host has admitted that she does not believe anyone is worth her salary of €513,000 in the current climate.

Marian, who raked in the staggering amount in 2009 – even though she was only on air for four hours per week – “understands” why the public want to know how much she earns and doesn't think “anybody is worth that nowadays”.

“Clearly I feel uncomfortable talking about it but the world has transformed and I have taken three cuts at this point – everything that was asked,” said Marian, who took a pay cut of 10pc between 2008 and 2009. “There was an understanding that that was then and this is now.”

The 61-year-old has revealed she renegotiated her pay packet with RTE after she was approached by a rival station. The mum was offered a “large” sum of money to jump ship from the Donnybrook station but her bosses were keen for her to stay.

“I did give it consideration and RTE would have known, I have a person that negotiates for me,” she said.

There was outrage last weekend after the Montrose broadcaster released the pay packet details of its top earners.

RTE paid wages of almost €4m for just 10 presenters, including a whopping half a million for Marian in 2009.

She launched her new book, The Saturday Interviews 2005-2011, last night at the Irish Architectural Archive. All royalties will go to Friends of Ireland.