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I'm no party hack says mum who challenged Gallagher

WILL Dublin mum-of-three Glenna Lynch be known as the woman who slew the Dragon?

Ms Lynch, from Stillorgan, confronted Sean Gallagher on Monday's TV debate about his business dealings.

And the Dragons' Den star's confused responses to her questions could yet prove a pivotal moment in the election campaign.

Ms Lynch (47), who runs her own interior design company, said she has no party affiliation and was not "planted" in the audience.

Viewers were gripped during RTE's Frontline debate when the Dublin mum repeatedly fired questions at Mr Gallagher, who failed to provide adequate answers.

Ms Lynch then phoned Today With Pat Kenny on Radio One after Mr Gallagher questioned what party she belonged to.

In an interview with Pat, the candidate said: "Who was the businesswoman and what's her background and where does she come from and what party is she attached to?

"I'm tired of people being wheeled out with agendas."

He added: "You put the person here in front of me, let them tell you and me and the nation their background . . . you wheel a person out on a programme and they throw allegations at me without them defining who they are, what their political allegiance is and I find that difficult."

But Ms Lynch, who is a co-director of city firm McCann Verdon & Co, insisted she is not attached to any party.

She said Mr Gallagher did not answer her questions "satisfactorily", and she finds the prospect of him being president "alarming".

Ms Lynch said the fact that the candidate is fielding questions about "cheques and bank accounts" is "too familiar".

She said she hoped the country has "moved on from what happened under Fianna Fail".

During the debate, she challenged Mr Gallagher to explain how more than €80,000 had been accidentally paid into his account.

The money had been paid to him by one of his companies in 2009 but was repaid to another of his companies in 2010.

Ms Lynch asked him where the money had come from and what was it for.

Mr Gallagher said on radio that questions about his businesses were regrettable.

"I have called on my campaign team around the country . . . to stay focused on a positive message about the future.

"My view will not be diverted by tactics such as this."

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