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I'm no good at Irish dancing, saysTaylor

singer Taylor Swift has attempted Irish dancing - but admits she was no good when it came to the fancy footwork.

But Taylor (24) is still proud of her dance moves.

"The most important thing to dancing with your friends is not caring how you look," she said in an interview on Spin 1038.

"Am I good at Riverdancing? No! It's a lot of footwork, it's so impressive."

Spin producer Rachael Ryan from the Fully Charged show flew to London to catch up with the global pop star to hear about her latest album, 1989, which features catchy hit Shake It Off, which showcases her rap and dance skills.

"You know all I've ever wanted is for people to dance to my songs, because usually people just cry to my songs," Taylor said.


"My friend Ed Sheeran texted me last night to say: 'I'm in a club at three in the morning and I've heard Shake It Off three times' and I'm like 'You know that's my dream,'" she added.

Taylor is preparing to head on a global tour - and Ireland could well be on the list.

"Ireland is one of my favourite places - so I am really looking forward to coming back, it's been way too long," she said.

Taylor maintains that she doesn't actively seek out boyfriends, as it "gets her in trouble" and one song titled Blank Space was written as a response to reporting of her personal life.

"I was having one of those days where I was frustrated by the fact that the media has kind of fictionalised my personal life to this cartoon extent," she said.

"They've painted this picture of a girl who's like a serial dater... and then she goes crazy and becomes needy and clingy and desperate and then she scares them off."