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'I'm no Brooks fan,' says Deirdre, star of Garthgate: The Musical

THE ACTOR who will star in a stage show about 'Garthgate' has admitted she's "not a fan" of the country crooner.

Deirdre O'Kane, famous for her role in TVs Moone Boy, said the fiasco over the concerts in Croke Park was "sheer madness".

The drama over the concerts gripped and irritated the nation in equal measure last summer and the play about the episode will be on the Gaiety Theatre stage later this year.


The show, entitled 'Are you there Garth? It's me Margaret' will revisit the highs and lows of the saga which led to the cancellation of all five Croke Park gigs.

The play is written by dramatist Fiona Looney and it will star O'Kane as a country music fan.

"I love that she's taken one person's story in the midst of all that sheer madness and gone to the heart of what it really meant to somebody and her love of Brooks," Ms O'Kane said.

The Garth Brooks controversy went on for months as a disagreement over the licence between residents, Dublin City Council and Aiken Promotions initially saw the cancellation of two of the five planned gigs.

However, Brooks said it was "all five or nothing" and pulled out of the concerts, which then saw appeals made to Taoiseach Enda Kenny and even the President of the United States to get involved.

The White House said it wouldn't be getting involved, despite a movement from residents to appeal to President Obama to step in and resolve the crisis.

"This is an issue we'll leave it to Mr. Brooks and the city of Dublin to resolve," The White House at the time.

In the end, 400,000 people who had bought tickets were left disappointed.


It was later reported that the cancellation of the gigs had seen the GAA lose out on potential revenue of €5m, while the overall loss to the economy in Dublin was put at €30m.

Dublin band The Script will play a show in Croke Park this June supported by US rapper Pharrell Williams.