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I'm next on hit list, says murder victim's brother

The heartbroken brother of a man who was brutally shot dead outside a school has revealed that he has been warned the same mob want to murder him.

Cliff Whitehouse (39) told the Herald that the ruthless gangsters who killed his brother Benny are now trying to "wipe out" all of his family.

Benny (35) was shot dead at Clonard Street, Balbriggan, north Co Dublin, on September 25 and his older brother fears he's next.

"I'm in fear for my own life, my 74-year-old mother is in fear, we are all in fear. We have been told that this is not over and I have been told that I will be the next to be killed," Mr Whitehouse claimed.

He revealed that he has received menacing phone calls since his brother's murder.

"It has also been made known to me that they are planning to murder me and then my other brother's next. We don't think that we are getting enough protection from gardai," Mr Whitehouse said.

He and his brothers were warned by gardai in Balbriggan their lives were in danger as far back as January, and Benny was warned again in May.


He claimed gardai would not give his brother a bullet-proof vest and that Benny couldn't afford to buy one himself.

"The fact that he had no money shows you that he was not a drug dealer like what is being reported.

"He was a good-hearted man who lived for his family, especially his two little girls who have been left without a father. He bred dogs, he was never into drug dealing. My brother's murder was never about drugs or any drugs debt."

Mr Whitehouse said his elderly mother Lona has also been terrorised at the North Dublin site where she lives by the occupants of a car shining laser lights into her home.

Mr Whitehouse, who has previous convictions for offences such as drugs, motoring and burglary related crimes, said that his family "do not want revenge or retaliation" but vowed that they won't flee the country.

The Herald yesterday revealed that the chief suspect for carrying out the Benny Whitehouse murder was a convicted English criminal who is believed to have been paid €20,000 to carry out the hit which also led to the victim's partner Natasha White being shot in the leg.