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I'm loving being based in Dublin

I've recently moved back to Dublin full time and I'm delighted.

Last year I was working between RTE's offices in Cork and Donnybrook because I wanted to spend some time at home in Cork in preparation for my wedding, which was in October.

Now I'm back in the capital and I'm really enjoying getting the chance to go to events.

I don't go to many things, but I'm a big fan of the cinema and last night I went to the premiere of Magic Mike XXL. It was nice way to spend an evening and to switch off from work.

With Winning Streak and my documentary, this summer is going to be a busy one so Conor and I probably won't get to go on holidays.

We travelled around Central America on our honeymoon in January, which I took two months off for.

It would be great to go somewhere mad, but at the moment it looks like a few days in west Cork or Kerry will have to do.