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i'm Losing pounds for the camera

I'm used to being on the assignment desk at TMZ, so I'm really going to have to up my game over the next few weeks so I look my best before getting in front of the cameras on Xpose.

It's going to be a one hour live show, five days a week - so I want to look my best, especially as they say the camera adds 10 pounds. I need to get going on the treadmill now to drop a few pounds. My partner Stephanie has lost weight since she gave birth to our son Olivier and I seem to be putting it on.

I keep joking that I'm putting on all the weight that she's losing. I never really bought into the whole fitness craze in LA but I do like to be healthy and I'll really miss hiking and heading to the beach over there.

I'm not obsessive about it but I do like to eat healthily and work out. It's a totally different culture in LA but I love that on Irish TV you see real people delivering real stories.