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'I'm just too busy to be on dating scene' says Cassie


Cassie Stokes caught up with her ex on a festive trip back to Canada Picture: Brian McEvoy

Cassie Stokes caught up with her ex on a festive trip back to Canada Picture: Brian McEvoy

Cassie Stokes caught up with her ex on a festive trip back to Canada Picture: Brian McEvoy

She's been back in Dublin for more than six months, but Cassie Stokes has admitted she's yet to go on a date.

The Xpose presenter (29) lived in Toronto for several years before returning home to be a presenter on the TV3 show.

While she may be young and single, the Dundrum woman just isn't interested in looking for love at the moment.

"I'm sure it's a great city to date in, but I haven't been doing that. I'm very boring," she said.

"I'm busy enough. I'm in London every two weeks or if not once every week and I'm working. I'm focusing on all that right now.

"I'm sure the dating scene is brilliant, but I'm just not on it."

Cassie was previously in a relationship with a woman named Kathleen who still lives in Canada.

She returned to her old home in Toronto over the festive period to catch up with her former flame and her friends who still live there.

"It was nice to go back and say my proper goodbyes as I didn't get to say many when I left last year," she said.

"I got to see my friends and my dog who is with my ex, which was lovely.

"It was really good fun. It's nice to go back, but it was nice to be able to fly home here too."

Cassie is gearing up to turn 30 in the coming weeks and is planning a big party soon after to mark the milestone.


"I'm excited about that, I can't wait," she said.

"If you're still waking up and getting older it means you're not dead, so I'm happy about that. I'll do a big birthday party to celebrate."

Xpose has seen several changes in recent weeks, with a fancy new studio and Cassie and co-host Ruth O'Neill made permanent presenters.

While she's been on the show for several months now, blonde Cassie has still not got used to watching herself on screen.

"I have to watch because I'm my worst critic," she told the Diary.

"I'll be like 'Oh God, ugh' if I watch myself back. It's difficult. I have to get used to seeing my face, especially in HD. I have to get used to seeing it all over again.

Cassie frequently turns to her more experienced co-stars including Karen Koster for advice on everything from presenting to style tips.

"Even now I ask them. I'm still new at this and Karen is a pro. I even ask them for fashion advice all the time," she said.

Cassie is happy the show's hour-long length has been scrapped in favour of its original half-hour.

"Half-an-hour is great. I love that it's in between the soaps. I'm a soap addict and so are my aunts. It's nice and quick and we're getting big interviews. It's still lots of work," she said.