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I'm just one of the lads, says TV3 rugby reporter Sinead ahead of Six Nations clash

TV3 RUGBY reporter Sinead Kissane is proud of how she's managed to work her way into the male-dominated media room – and is treated as an equal by her colleagues.

Speaking to the Herald from Cardiff – where she is covering Ireland's big rugby clash today – she said she has never had to worry about chauvinism.

"It's not something that I've ever have to deal with and I don't expect to," she said.

"But if I did ever come across females being treated differently, I would definitely take issue with it.

"I don't expect to be treated differently, and I'm not," said the Kerry native.

Sinead first made waves in 2007 when she was berated for asking former Ireland rugby manager Eddie O'Sullivan whether he would step down following a dismal Irish defeat.

But she has gone on to make the rugby reporting position at the Ballymount station her own and says that she sees herself as one of the lads.

"I really don't notice stuff like that and I don't see it going on at all.

"There are more and more female journalists working in sport in Ireland and at the end of the day you're here to do a job."

Sinead is covering Ireland's opening Six Nations clash with Wales at the Millennium Stadium.

Her coverage of the highly anticipated clash began on Ireland AM yesterday and Sinead told how she had made the trip to Wales via the "scenic route". "We got the ferry to Holyhead and then drove down to Cardiff so it was a long journey, but we are just delighted to be here."


She arrived in the Welsh capital on Thursday, when all was quiet, but tension was building this morning as thousands of Irish and Welsh fans made their way to the stadium for the clash.

"It is very exciting here and I definitely think Ireland have a chance," she said.

"It will be tough but they are definitely in with a shout and you never know what will happen.

"Everyone would get their confidence back with a win and I'm hoping that it can energise the team and help them to get their spark back."

The trip to Cardiff is business only for the busy sports presenter, who will jet back to Dublin following the match in time for work on Monday.

After studying English at UCD, Sinead went on to complete a Masters in Journalism at DCU and has been working for TV3 ever since.

Sport is a big part of Sinead's life and she was a promising athlete when she was a young student and competed in many national athletic finals.

"I used to play a lot of sports when I was younger, and especially athletics," Sinead said.

"I used to compete in the 400m hurdles and I won medals in some national championships, so I was big into it."