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I'm in fear for my life after wedding murder, reveals nephew


Barney McGinley, shot dead at wedding in Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh February 12

Barney McGinley, shot dead at wedding in Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh February 12

Barney McGinley

Barney McGinley


THE nephew of Barney McGinley, who was shot dead at a Traveller wedding in Co Fermanagh last week, fears for his life and remains in hiding days after his uncle was buried.

Patrick 'Toucher' McGinley (46) from Edgeworthstown in Co Longford, has now vowed to go to the PSNI to tell them his side of what happened on the day 64-year-old Barney was gunned down at his niece's wedding last Wednesday.


Patrick's father Willie 'The Businessman' McGinley (73) had his hand sliced with a razor blade during the incident and the dead man's son was also shot and injured.

The PSNI want to talk to Patrick about the shooting and he has now revealed he will talk with them in the near future.

"It's been hell hiding out. I'm under serious pressure at the moment but I will be coming forward," said Patrick.

"I went into hiding because I was in fear of my life and if I was locked up I knew my family would be targeted.

"I just want to be with my wife and children," he added, explaining that he has sought legal advice.

"I will give my side of the story to the PSNI - it's a terrible tragedy and a sad situation for all our family and everyone involved," he said.

Patrick McGinley claims there is a €25,000 price on his head and that his daughter has been targeted in an online hate campaign.


His also says his two sons had their throats sliced in an attack and that his enemies hired the Continuity IRA and INLA to kill him.

"There's nothing else these people can do to me and I think it's time I just told the truth. I just want these people to leave my family alone," said Patrick in an interview with the Irish Sun.

"I'm going to the PSNI about what happened because I just don't trust the gardai," he said.

Patrick's wife Margaret (43) also spoke of her family's fears from her heavily-fortified home in Edgeworthstown.

"The gardai have told us we are all under threat and we're constantly living in fear.

"I have to wait until night-time before doing my shopping," she said.

"I live here with my children, my one-year-old grand-daughter and pregnant daughter-in-law and we're living like prisoners.

"We're not going anywhere because this is our home and we've nowhere else to go," she added.

"We just want to lead a normal life but we're going through hell."