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I'm ignoring bullies who called me ugly and focusing on Miss World - Jessica

THE newly-crowned Miss Ireland said she has brushed off comments from online bullies.

And although she may have men falling at her feet, Jessica Hayes is determined to stay single for the sake of the competition.

Jessica (20) picked up the title two weeks ago and is now looking forward to competing in the Miss World final in London.

The statuesque brunette was plagued by vicious online bullies who branded her ugly in the aftermath of the beauty contest.

But Jessica said that she is ignoring the bad-mouthing and is determined to fight back against the negativity.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I am ignoring the nasty remarks and I'm just being positive," she said. "You always get some people who are prejudiced.

"I don't even know the people who posted these comments. But for every bad comment there have been 50 good ones."


"The support has been amazing and I'm still trying to get back to everyone who congratulated me."

Jessica, who has moved from Cork to Dublin to fulfil her duties, said her schedule is so jam-packed that she's not interested in dating.

"I'm definitely not interested in meeting anyone before Miss World as I'm going to be so busy," she said. "Plus, I'm only 20."

The business student has put her studies at Cork College of Commerce on hold for the year.

And the model, who won after entering the competition for a second time, said that she has a healthy attitude to eating.

"I am health-conscious, but I have a big appetite," she said. "Like most women, chocolate is my weakness.

"It would be a dream come true to win Miss World. As it was my second time and I knew what to expect, I was not expecting to be so nervous, but it was 10 times worse this year.

"It was one of the best moments of my life and I'll never forget it."