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I'm homeless for Christmas

A FATHER of two fears he will be left homeless this Christmas after Dublin City Council evicted him without notice, a court has heard.

Mark Kelly (29) claims he returned to his two-bedroom bungalow at Marewood Drive, Ballymun, Dublin after "a 30-minute errand" to find his home being boarded up by the council. He was only given a few minutes to remove personal belongings.

The court heard the council received complaints of anti-social behaviour at that address, a claim which Mr Kelly denies. He has begun a legal challenge to win back tenancy of the house.

Ikea court war over art prints

IKEA has taken a rival firm to court over art prints it claims were copied.

The Swedish chain is alleging breach of its trademarks in various prints and "passing off" in its action against Homestore & More and ETG Ltd. One print is described as "a modern interpretation of a heart".

Ikea claimed in the Commercial Court that prints allegedly purchased by Homestore from ETG and sold in Homestore shops are identical to Ikea prints.

ETG won a delay for a week while they tried to sort out the "misunderstandings".

Brave garda fought gunman

A drug-addict robber who pointed an imitation semi-automatic gun at a garda has been jailed for five years.

Anthony Sweeney (29) had robbed a pharmacy when Garda Thomas Dalton stopped the taxi he was fleeing in, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard. Sweeney, of Harelawn Green, Clondalkin, produced the handgun he had used to threaten the pharmacy staff.

Garda Dalton disarmed Sweeney, wrestled him to the ground and detained him.

Judge Martin Nolan said Garda Dalton had "acted incredibly bravely".

¤1m elephant tusks seized

hundreds of African elephant tusks worth nearly ¤1m were seized in Malaysia as they were about to be shipped to Cambodia.

Inspectors found the tusks hidden in containers of 'handicrafts' from Kenya.

There is high demand for the illegal tusks in China, campaigners said.