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'I'm going back to help nurses', says dance show star Grainne


Grainne Gallanagh Grainne on DWTS

Grainne Gallanagh Grainne on DWTS

Grainne Gallanagh Grainne on DWTS

Dancing With The Stars' Grainne Gallanagh has confirmed she is to return to nursing to do her bit in a bid to help relieve short-staffed hospitals in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

The 25-year-old former Miss Universe Ireland, from Buncrana in Donegal, was a finalist on Dancing With The Stars and has been in self-isolation since coming out of the show last week.

However, she has now decided to put her modelling career on hold and return to nursing as part of the HSE's Call for Ireland recruitment drive for healthcare staff.


Speaking on The Ray D'Arcy Show on RTE Radio One yesterday, she said that she was feeling nervous about her return to nursing.

"I'll be a bit nervous going back but obviously with everything going on it's the best thing to do," she said.


Grainne back in her nurse’s uniform

Grainne back in her nurse’s uniform

Grainne back in her nurse’s uniform

She added that she didn't know what would be waiting for her on her return.

"I'm not really sure what to expect," she said.

"I have colleagues who are already in the midst of everything in the hospitals right now and it's such a stressful environment anyway.

"Hats off to anyone who works in a hospital - I know what it can be like.

"It can be so, so stressful... and we don't know what way things are going to go.

"It's so uncertain. It's a scary time, it's scary for everyone but I think especially for people in hospital."

Grainne qualified as a nurse in 2016 and nursed in the UK for several years before her modelling career took off and she won the coveted Miss Universe Ireland title.

"The nursing took a back seat while I was doing all my travelling and stuff," she said.

"But I still stuck with it - I did agency work. You can choose your shift depending on your availability."

She said that vital healthcare skills would be a "waste" if they went unused in the midst of a pandemic.

"When you have the certain skills with anyone in nursing, medicine, healthcare it would be a waste not to use them in a time of need and crisis," she added.

"It's scary for yourself but it's even scarier for someone coming into the hospital."

The star has been in self-isolation along with fellow contestant Brian Dowling since coming out of the show.

"When the show abruptly came to an end we decided that we would continue to isolate for another week or so because we've been around so many people," she said.