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'I'm glad it wasn't vandals', says Philo mum after statue is damaged by van


The statue's cracked hand

The statue's cracked hand

The statue's cracked hand

The statue of legendary rocker Phil Lynott just off Grafton Street has been damaged again after it was accidentally hit by a delivery vehicle.

Dublin City Council said the damage was done to the bronze statue either on Thursday night or early on Friday morning.

A hand and leg ended up with gaping cracks while the neck of the Thin Lizzy frontman's bass guitar was also broken.

The council said it had taken immediate action to repair the popular tourist attraction.

"The costs of this are as yet unknown. From the evidence of the damage it looks like a truck or other heavy vehicle damaged the statue," said a spokesman.

"The piece of the guitar that got damaged is currently in Dublin City Council's possession and will be re-attached during the course of the repair work."


Philomena Lynott (85), the mother of the musician who died in 1986 at the age of 36, told the Herald she was glad to hear the statue had not been vandalised.

"If it had been vandals I'd want to murder them, but accidents happen," she said.

"If that's the case, I won't be so upset."

The statue, which stands outside Bruxelles bar on Harry Street, has been damaged on two other occasions since it was installed in 2005.

In September last year, a car clipped it, breaking part of the guitar. The driver paid for the repairs.

In May 2013, the statue toppled when two men climbed on it. Charges were dropped after Ms Lynott intervened and said "everyone makes mistakes when they're young".