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'I'm enjoying being on dating scene for the first time', says model Teo


Teo Sutra pictured at The Odeon, Dublin for the surprise Guinness Amplify Live gig

Teo Sutra pictured at The Odeon, Dublin for the surprise Guinness Amplify Live gig

Teo Sutra pictured at The Odeon, Dublin for the surprise Guinness Amplify Live gig

She's one of Ireland's catwalk queens and gorgeous model Teodora Sutra says she's enjoying being single.

The blonde beauty recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend and says dating is a new experience for her.

"I was with my last boyfriend for three years and before that I was with someone so I haven't really been single since I was a teenager," she told the Diary.

"When you're in your teens you don't really date so this is the first time I've properly been on the dating scene."

Teo is signed to 1st Option models and has been modelling full-time for three years.

While other girls in the industry say it can be unsettling waiting for the next job, Teo says she's lucky she's been kept busy with work.

"This year has been mental busy, I haven't had too many quiet weeks which is amazing so hopefully it will stay this way," she said.

"I think you really have to find a model agent that suits you - it's really important that you get on with them because you talk to them every day.

"I love my agency, if I need anything I can just pick up the phone and that's a great thing to have," she added.


While some models have side projects or want to get into broadcasting, Teo says she's figuring out what she wants to pursue once her time on the catwalk ends.

"I'm actually starting a PR and marketing course in October but that's more to see if I'd be interested in it. If I'm not, I'll try another course," she explained.

"I'm slowly trying to find something I could do after modelling - I need to start thinking about it.

"But I love modelling and I still enjoy it, I know one day I'll have to move on to something else but I want to keep doing it for as long as I can," she added.

As it's her job to look good, Teo says she makes sure to eat well but she does indulge in some treats.

"I love to cook and I love to bake myself lots of healthy treats," she said.

"All my breakfasts, lunches and dinners are healthy - not too many carbs, butter and salt - but I allow myself a bar of milk chocolate most evenings.

"I just can't go without my Cadburys, it's that little something in the evenings that I just need.

"Other than that I try to head out for a walk or a run in the evenings but if I've had a busy day at work I'm usually too tired to work out," she added.