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I'm a tomboy at heart, says soccer star Niall's daughter Aisling after glam shoot

With a beautiful model mum and a strapping soccer hero dad, young beauty Aisling Quinn can boast an impressive pedigree.

And in her latest 'coming of age' photo-shoot, the 18-year- old has revealed the statuesque figure and photogenic looks that are helping her turn all the right heads in the modelling industry.

However, the Kildare-born teenager insists that she's no glamour puss when it comes to her personal style choices.


"I've got a tomboy side to me because I'm sporty. I get that from my dad I think -- and I love my horses -- but I also love fashion so I think I've a girly side too.

"I wouldn't be mad about make-up, I rarely wear it when I'm not working, but I love getting it done," she said.

In her first year in Trinity College studying economics and sociology, the Andrea Roche agency model is still learning how to juggle her new job with the pressures of being a student.

"Modelling is so unpredictable. I mightn't have a job this week but then I could have four next week.

"I just kind of play it by ear and see how it goes.

"So far, it's been great. I missed a couple of lectures doing this shoot but they were all put online so I was able to catch up that way.

"Obviously that's not something I want to do long-term but it works when I need it," Aisling continued.

She told Stellar magazine how she has also turned to her famous parents Gillian and Niall when it comes to asking for their advice on being in the spotlight.

"I started modelling a couple of years ago and my mum has given me lots of tips along the way.

"You learn a lot on the job too, from the likes of Rozanna Purcell," she explained.


"I first started doing shoots in June and I was really nervous to begin with -- I felt quite uneasy -- but if you watch and see what the others are doing, you learn a lot.

"I would have worked with mum on a few photocalls as well so I was able to see what she was doing and she helped me to work my angles."

She also admits to having lots of first-day nerves when she initially started college.

"It's really good fun, but it sometimes feels like I'm walking into Hogwarts when I go through the front gate.

"I was a bit intimated in my first couple of days. I came from a Gaelscoil which was tiny and Trinity's just vast, it took me a while to find my bearings," she ended.