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Illustrator targeted by trolls has last laugh as she's picked by Kim

THE Dublin illustrator behind the famous Kimye Disney drawings was targeted by mean-spirited trolls but with a book deal in the offing she has definitely had the last laugh.

Holly Shorthall was commissioned by Cosmopolitan to create the quirky images of celeb couple Kim and Kanye West just a few weeks ago and things have been 'insane' since.


Holly told the Herald that the illustrations went online after she had created them in just three days, working so hard she barely had time to eat or sleep.

"People were saying why would anyone bother drawing these idiots and saying the drawings were crap.

"I was so wrecked and it really got to me at first.

"It's so hurtful and I don't know why people do it. For me it's a job and I work very hard," she said.

Someone even targeted her personal Instagram account with abuse.

But the bubbly young woman is certainly having the last laugh now.

She revealed that she has been in talks with an Irish publishing house to pen a book with her friend, celebrity stylist Grace Moore.

Grace (27) has styled shoots for Vogue and is also a stylist for Hollywood sweetheart Saoirse Ronan.

The pair are best friends, but despite their seemingly glamorous jobs, Holly said that they don't live the "champagne lifestyle".

"We are about working hard and getting to where you want to be by yourself," she said.

The book is set to be a how-to guide for the next generation for Irish girls who want to get ahead.

"Grace is from Pearse Street and I'm from Harold's Cross we couldn't be more ordinary," said Holly.

Their book will be a mix of career and life advice.

"It'll be about how to get where you want to be by working hard not by being stunning, or thin," she said.

Holly first came to international attention when her work was picked up for Kim Kardashian and Kelly Osbourne's websites.