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'I'll smell your hair and kiss you' - message sent by Creaven to young girl


Kieran Creaven outside Leeds Crown Court

Kieran Creaven outside Leeds Crown Court

Kieran Creaven outside Leeds Crown Court

Former RTE producer Kieran Creaven sent a disgusting image of himself in an aroused state to a young girl and said he wanted to "cuddle her and smell her hair" in a four-month-long grooming process.

It also emerged that the depraved 55-year-old watched child pornography involving girls as young as eight and was in constant contact with up to 20 teenagers online.

He was jailed for 18 months at Leeds Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty to two child sexual offences.

Creaven received an 18-month jail term for attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming and a 12-month sentence for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. The sentences will run concurrently.

The maximum prison term for this offence is 14 years.


Disturbing evidence was outlined by prosecutor Kitty Colley about how Creaven sexually groomed a person he believed to be a 13-year-old named "Kealy Nutton" with hundreds of messages sent on a daily basis.

He set up a fake Facebook profile under the name Jimmy Cee and purported to be a man in his late 30s. He also befriended hundreds of teenage girls through this account.

"Kealy Nutton" was in fact a fake Facebook account set up by paedophile hunting group Predator Exposure, which used a decoy to engage with Creaven.

Early on in the conversations, the sex offender sent the decoy a picture taken in a bedroom of himself in an aroused state.

In one message, he wrote: "Wish you were here in bed with me warm and snuggled up. I'll keep you wrapped up in my arms all night, smell your hair and kiss you."

Creaven also used his job as a producer to entice the girl, who was "clearly impressed by this", according to the prosecution.

By October, he arranged flights to Leeds to meet the teenager but had to cancel this trip due to illness. However, in November he flew to Leeds to meet the girl. He said that he would pretend to be her father in the hotel, and would sneak into her room late at night.

However, he was instead confronted by members of Predator Exposure, who streamed the encounter live on Facebook.

When searched, he was found with a list of names of young girls, two mobile phones and two boxes of condoms.

Giving details on Creaven's depraved background, the prosecution said he masturbated to child pornography involving girls and boys as young as eight, and that he chatted online to up to 20 teenage girls aged between 13 and 18.

Creaven also admitted to posting images and information of children who blocked him on Facebook online.

"The list of girls' names he was found with, he said he would buy credit for their phones and when they blocked him he would seek revenge, like putting something on Facebook about them," Ms Colley said.

Defence counsel Ian Cook said the incident had left Creaven's marriage shattered and he had expressed relief at his arrest. He also stated that Creaven signed up to a lesbian dating website, though he was "clearly not" a woman.

Judge Simon Phillips said the aggravating factors were the significant level of planning that went into the meeting and sexual nature of the images he sent.

In mitigation, Judge Phillips said there was not a real victim in the case and he took into account Creaven's early guilty plea.

Creaven is also under investigation by gardai in relation to accessing child pornography and to establish if he committed offences in this jurisdiction.

It is expected that it will take at least another four months before an analysis on a laptop and other devices seized from Creaven's Dublin home last November will be complete.