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I'll smash this bottle in your face - drunk

THIS is the reveller who threatened to smash a bottle of wine into a shopkeeper's face after she refused to serve him outside off-licence hours.

Eugene O'Connor (40) had been on an all-night bender with his brother, a court heard, and the pair were looking for more drink early in the morning.

He also tried to assault a security guard who stopped him as he walked out of a petrol station shop with four bottles of wine.


A judge described the incident as "nasty", saying the shopkeeper was abiding by the law and refusing to sell alcohol outside the permitted hours.

O'Connor, of Cappagh Road, Finglas, admitted at Blanchardstown District Court to stealing four bottles of wine worth €44.

He also admitted to public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour at Texaco, Ballycoolin Road, Dublin 11, on November 15 last year.

Garda Sgt Damien Galligan said gardai were called to the Texaco garage shortly after 8am following reports of a theft.

Sgt Galligan said O'Connor wanted to buy four bottles of wine, however the shopkeeper stopped him, saying she couldn't sell alcohol until after 10.30am.

The sergeant said O'Connor then threatened to smash a bottle of wine in her face.

O'Connor was verbally abusive to the shopkeeper and to security staff, and tried to assault a security guard, after he was stopped from walking out of the shop with the bottles of wine.

The court heard that O'Connor was very drunk and became angry when he couldn't buy any alcohol.

Tracey Horan, defending, said he was very upset about the incident and wished to apologise to gardai.


Ms Horan said O'Connor was with his younger brother and they had been out all night drinking at a 21st birthday party. She said "things escalated" and just got out of hand.

The court heard that O'Connor is married and has five children. He is not working.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell said the incident was "nasty", and the shopkeeper was abused for abiding by the law. The judge fined O'Connor €800.