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I'll never go to jail, Quinn Jr vowed to wife

SEAN Quinn Jr promised his new wife that there was "not a hope" he would end up in jail.

Karen Woods asked her husband before they got married and while on honeymoon in Australia if there was any chance he could end up in prison. He repeatedly assured her, "It's just not going to happen", he told viewers on last night's Late Late Show.

Quinn also told host Ryan Tubridy that he has been in contact with his fugitive cousin Peter Darragh Quinn, adding that his cousin had no intention of returning to the Republic.

The businessman was jailed for three months in Mountjoy Prison for contempt last July.

Sean (33) was found guilty along with his father Sean Quinn Snr and his cousin Peter in the High Court. His father was sent to Mountjoy earlier this month.

Sean and Karen married last May and held a lavish reception in the Ritz Carlton hotel.

But just a few months later, the glamorous publican's daughter was reduced to visiting her husband in jail.

"I think it was more difficult for Karen than it was for me," Sean said.

"She asked me if there was any chance I could go to jail and I said, 'Not a hope'.

"There was only the one allegation against me."

Quinn said he believed his father and cousin had more of a chance of going to prison, as they faced three charges each.

During last night's interview, Sean admitted that it was his "bright idea" to ensure that his wife was in line for salaries that amounted to more than €320,000 from Russian firms.

Sean said his prison experience was at times "frightening" but said that he coped by working in the kitchen, going to the gym and playing cards.


"It was difficult. It could be very lonely," he said. "You've lost your liberty. I remember coming from the court thinking, 'I'm just going to have to get through it'."

He told of how he was entitled to one six-minute phone call every day and two half-hour visits every week. He also said he could hear the roar of the crowds during big matches at Croke Park.

"It was humbling, there was so many different emotions.

"It was surreal, there was a period when you were arrested and brought in a van and it was frightening."

Sean Jr said that he worries about his father in Mountjoy and believes he has regrets and made mistakes.

"I have no doubt that a day doesn't go by that he doesn't think, 'Why the hell did I get involved with Anglo Irish Bank'."