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'I'll never follow hubby John into politics' - Maura


Maura Derrane with son Cal

Maura Derrane with son Cal

Maura Derrane with son Cal

She's seen the world of politics up close and personal thanks to her marriage to Fine Gael TD John Deasy, but Maura Derrane has said she has no wish to follow her husband down that road.

The RTE host (45) and John (48) tied the knot in 2005 and had their son, Cal, in 2014.

Maura said the couple rarely discuss their careers with each other when they get home from work.

"A career in politics? No, absolutely not. I can give you a definite 'no' on that," she told the Herald.

"No way. I'm really happy with what I do. We have very different careers. We have very different pastimes. It's great."

Speaking at the launch of McElligott's Honda Ladies' Day at Listowel Races, Maura said the only career similarity she shares with her husband is that they are both in the media spotlight.

"The only thing we have in common work-wise would be that we are both in the public eye," she said.

"We have very private lives and we don't really cross over into other people's careers, and that's probably the best way.


"We don't sit around talking politics every day or talking television every day. We go to work, do the job, and that really is it."

Maura became a mother later in life, having Cal when she was age 43. She previously revealed that she sometimes wishes she had had her son when she was younger so she could have given him a sibling.

"Now that he's a bit older, it would have been nice to have another child. I'm not going to, I'm too old," she said.

The McElligott's Honda Ladies' Day will take place on September 16 on the second-last day of the racing festival, with the best-dressed lady receiving a cheque for €1,000.