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'I'll get you when I get out' - prisoner's cell threat to ex

A PRISONER made chilling phone threats to his ex-girlfriend from his cell at Mountjoy Prison.

William Wynn (51) told the terrified woman: "I'll get you when I get out."

The inmate called his terrified former girlfriend, Lorraine Keegan, a "rat" and said she would be "running" from him once he got out of prison.

Wynn was convicted of making a menacing call after his foul-mouthed tirade was recorded on the victim's phone.

The accused, of Inchicore Road, Dublin flatly denied making the call, even after the recording was played during his trial at Dublin District Court.

He claimed the victim had a "grudge" against him.

In the recording, Wynn said: "Listen, yous got me six f**king years, right, and yous are still going on about it. I'm not locked up for long. I'll get yous when I get out, you will be running."

Judge David McHugh said he had no doubt the voice on the recording was Wynn's.

The case was adjourned after the court heard Wynn had been under a part-suspended sentence when he committed the offence, under the Post Office Act. He will now be sent back to the judge who heard that case, to decide whether the suspended portion of that sentence will be activated.


Wynn was found guilty of making an indecent, obscene or menacing phone call on January 27 this year. He had been serving a sentence at the Glengariff training unit in Mountjoy, where mobile phones are banned among prisoners.

The victim told the court the call came through to her mobile on a private number at 8.30pm on the evening in question.

"He said we told a pack of lies about him in the court, he said when he was released we would be running away from him. He called us rats and other slanderous names", she said.

In the recording, which was played back to the court, Wynn is heard saying: "I want my money back. The money your oul one has belonging to me. What are you being smart for? Listen, yous got me six f**king years, right, and yous are still going on about it. I'm not locked up for long. I'll get yous when I get out, you will be running".

The victim said she had been in a relationship with Wynn for six years, had known him all her life and recognised his voice.

Wynn's barrister said the accused had been serving a sentence at the time and had no access to mobile phones. In evidence, the accused denied calling the victim at all.

"I didn't make any phone calls, (the victim) has a bit of a grudge against me", he told the court. In cross-examination.

He confirmed he had previously been given a six-year sentence. The State Solicitor said it would be an "amazing coincidence" if the man on the recording were someone else.

Judge McHugh said he fully accepted the victim's evidence. The court heard Wynne had 34 previous convictions and was sentenced to three years imprisonment on May 28, 2009,on two counts of assault causing harm.

He was remanded on continuing bail to appear in court again on Friday, to find a date for the Circuit Court.