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I'll fight it, vows Bernie, as cancer returns

Singer Bernie Nolan has vowed to renew her battle against cancer after tests revealed the disease has returned.

The 52-year-old lead singer of the Nolan Sisters said doctors have advised her it is incurable.

Dublin-born Bernie fought a high-profile battle against breast cancer two years ago -- but it has returned and spread to her brain, lungs, liver and bones.

The 52-year-old said doctors told her it can be treated and her goal is to celebrate her 13-year-old daughter Erin's 21st birthday in eight years' time. She said she is doing everything she can to stay positive, and has vowed to keep on fighting.

"I refuse to sit around like I've got a death sentence hanging over my head. I'm going to fight this forever. It can get stuffed."


During the summer, while touring with the musical Chicago, she noticed a lump on the same side of her chest that she had a mastectomy in 2010. A biopsy and scan confirmed her worst fears a week later.

However this time she decided to keep the news a secret and did not even tell her teenage daughter about it at first.

Only after she told Erin she was finally prepared to go public with the news.

"It is harder this time. Because that word has come into it... incurable. But there's another word I have, too, a word I like. Treatable.

"People have lived for 12 years on these drugs. Who knows what new treatments are around the corner?"

Bernie is continuing to sing in the Chicago tour and will begin a pantomime run in Eastbourne in December.