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I'll be the cook over Christmas


Karl Broderick and Ollie Murs

Karl Broderick and Ollie Murs

Karl Broderick and Ollie Murs

I'm looking forward to relaxing on Christmas Day after a manic few weeks.

We only get two days off - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - so myself and Karl are just going to stay at home, relax and watch the Mrs Brown's Boys Chritmas special.

I've no Christmas shopping done, so we'll probably have to head to get all the food shopping and the presents on Christmas Eve but it's all part of the joys of working at Christmas.

I barely got the Christmas decorations up - I had a day off two weeks ago and instead of relaxing I decided to decorate and get the tree up - otherwise the house would be bare for the next few weeks.

We have friends coming over for Christmas Day, which will be nice, although I'll end up doing all the cooking.

Poor Karl (inset) can't boil an egg so I'll be the one cooking the turkey and ham with all the trimmings.

I don't tend to make an resolutions for the new year as I'm always working right through Christmas and all I can think about is my next day off, let alone the next year.

But this year I'm going to try and stress less and relax more.