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I'll be styling Virginia's new swimwear line

In the next few weeks I'll be shooting Virginia Macari's new line - it's her new swimwear collection.

She's bringing out a new line of pieces and they are actually amazing. We'll be shooting a campaign in Marbella within the next month.

I did some shots for the last line she did - she didn't do a photoshoot that time but we decided to do a campaign.

We have a really cool team and an international model and all that sort of stuff so it should be amazing.

I have bikinis from her first collection and they're such good quality.

Usually with high-street bikinis, they're wrecked by the end of your holiday but hers have stood the test of time.

I have them for two years and they're still in such good shape - they haven't stretched, the lining hasn't come out, they haven't done that bobbly thing.

The new collection is a little less glam - it's probably a little more fashion forward for her and I'm excited for people to see that.

It's not too different, it's still sexy but it's more sophisticated glam and I think that's where she wanted to bring it.

New album for Marty

One of Ireland's most beloved presenters, Marty Whelan, is releasing his own album.

The album, entitled Marty Recommends, is due for release on Friday, March 6, and features a selection of old favourites and timeless classics, which he has carefully chosen.

The catalyst for this album was the hugely popular segment of his daily Lyric FM show Marty In The Morning, called Marty Recommends.

"The timing was just right, I was both delighted and flattered to be involved with this campaign, it has been great fun in the selection process and from start to finish of the whole album," he explained.

Melanie's concerts

Dublin singer Melanie McCabe will perform her first concerts on April 5 at The National Concert Hall and April 19 at the Cork Opera House.

Melanie held a showcase at the Sugar Club attended by Phil Coulter, Rebecca Storm, Adele King and Aonghus McAnally.