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I'll be devastated if 'No' vote wins, says Alan

TV3's Alan Hughes is not confident that the referendum on same sex marriage will pass next Friday.

As polling day draws nearer the presenter, who entered into civil partnership with his other half Karl Broderick in 2011, says he fears that the 'No' side will win.

"I'm not confident it will pass. I think a lot of people who say they will vote 'Yes' will actually go behind the curtain and actually vote 'No'," he told the Herald.

"It will be very close and if it does pass, that will depend on the turnout. If the turnout is low, it will be a lot of those 'No' voters."


If the referendum is defeated, the Ireland AM presenter said he will be "devastated".

"I'll be pretty devastated if it doesn't pass, because we've been trying so hard over recent weeks to push it out there," he said.

"I would be upset that we still live in a country that doesn't want equality for everybody," he continued.

Fellow presenter Brendan Courtney recently said that he would consider emigrating if the constitution didn't change as a result of the vote.

But Alan said he will stay put no matter the outcome.

"I wouldn't move out of my country - I love where I live and where I work - but we're setting a standard here, remember that," he said.

"We're the first country to be voting for this and we could be trailblazers for the rest of the world."