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Ikea lobbies for store in south of city

IKEA has lobbied council planners for permission to develop a massive new store in South Dublin.

The Swedish furniture giant has pointed to the benefits in terms of jobs and investment if it is allowed to open an outlet at a landbank in Cherrywood.

It comes after Dun Laoghaire County Council dealt a blow to the company's hopes by specifically ruling out "retail warehousing" at the 264-hectare site.

Ikea -- which already runs a successful operation in Ballymun -- has now formally advised the council of its interest in locating in Cherrywood.


In a submission on the draft planning scheme for the Cherrywood Strategic Development Zone (SDZ), the store said it is looking to expand its presence in the Irish market due to the success of the North Dublin outlet.

It is "actively seeking a suitable location for a second Ikea store in the Republic of Ireland". A new operation will provide a "significant quantum of jobs in both the construction and operational stage", states the submission, compiled by town planners Tom Phillips Associates on behalf of Ikea.

It will also "stimulate wider economic impacts in associated builders and suppliers".

Having examined in detail a number of alternative locations, Ikea settled on Cherrywood as its "preferred location".

It believes the public transport access and road network in the zone meets Ikea customers' needs and the outlet could act as a "catalyst" for the overall development of the colossal site.

"As well as being a key attraction for other comparison retail, if Ikea were granted planning permission today, based on the Ballymun site statistics, they would contribute in excess of €10.8m in financial contributions," the submission states.


The company revealed it is in negotiations in relation to an eight-hectare site north of the Wyattville Link Road -- right beside the M50 motorway -- on which retail warehousing is currently permitted under the county development plan.

However, the submission notes the draft SDZ -- which would supersede the existing zoning -- does not permit the category as it considers there is an over-supply in the county.

Ikea does not believe a Cherrywood outlet would negatively impact on traffic volumes to a great degree.