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If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em - Michelle hits out after Amanda's boobs broadside


Michelle Visage in ‘that dress’

Michelle Visage in ‘that dress’

Michelle Visage in ‘that dress’

Michelle Visage has hit back after Herald columnist Amanda Brunker spoke out against the cleavage she displayed on the Ireland's Got Talent final.

"She really didn't need them splashed across my wide-screen TV last Saturday night," Amanda wrote of Michelle's low-cut dress.

The TV3 judge received several comments on her head-turning red dress featuring a plunging neckline, but she has stood by her decision to wear it.

"Instead of lifting women up and saying 'bravo for being you', they instead say this. Not very strong for the feminist movement," she said in response to Amanda's column in yesterday's paper. She added that she believes it is important women support each other.

"Women supporting women is what we need. I think it's about celebrating and owning, not hiding and shaming," she said.


Shortly after the final aired, Michelle took to social media to wave off the criticism she received for the daring outfit.

"Who knew boobs could cause such a stir? Ladies, if you've got 'em, flaunt 'em. I'm working on something special for the larger breasted ladies. Stand by," she wrote.

Former Miss Ireland Amanda insisted she was not being ageist or body shaming the American TV personality, but simply did not see why she felt the need to wear such a revealing dress.

"When I was judging the All Ireland Talent Show in 2010, myself, Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh and Dana weren't even allowed to wear skirts or dresses, never mind a plunging neckline that exposed our bras," she wrote.

"We had to wear trousers and jackets - sex was not allowed to be a selling point. How times have changed."


She went on to speculate that TV bosses may have been more lenient with Michelle's sartorial choices because she is American.

"They're more, er, up-front, don't you agree? None of us Oirish girls could wear such revealing gunas - let's face it, the country would descend into chaos if we did," she said.

Michelle has expressed interest in returning for the show's second series.