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'If Leo or Enda spent a night in A&E, they'd find the money'

WHEN Malahide man Joe Fay arrived into Beaumont Hospital on Wednesday evening he knew what to expect.

At 70 years of age he has been in and out of the hospital for years. He said he arrived in at 6pm with "fierce pains" in his head but when he was told he wouldn't be seen till around 2am, he didn't complain.

He went home rather than be stuck in A&E until the early hours of the morning. Mr Fay returned for treatment the following day. He said he had been in the hospital only a few weeks earlier to get a plate put in his arm.

"It was around seven in the morning when I came in and I was left sitting there until a quarter to eight that evening before anybody came near my arm.

"No communication, no nothing," he said. "I have sat on a chair in the A&E for three nights at one stage. That didn't bother me, but I felt so sorry for the nurses because the pressure they are under is just fierce."


He said he was in the hospital 14 years ago and since then "nothing has changed" with older people who need out-patient care still in hospital beds with nowhere to go.

"These nurses are taking care of patients with 100pc efficiency, proficiency and care and that makes a total difference," he said.

"The amount of pressure they are under in there is absolutely incredible and what baffles me is that nothing has been done about it. The nurses in these hospitals are flying here, there and everywhere. It is incredible. And the doctors, they are running around like blue-assed flies. One woman in there, I christened her road-runner she was moving so fast."

Mr Fay called the atmosphere amongst the patients "terrible" and challenged anyone to spend a night on a seat in A&E to see what it is like.

"Why Leo Varadkar or Enda Kenny or any of the other ministers doesn't do that I don't know. If they did, they would find the money," he said.