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I'd rather be punched than snapped, says golden girl Katie

HER face has been gracing billboards around the country, but Olympian Katie Taylor says she has no plans to swap the boxing ring for the catwalk.

"I much prefer being in the ring to modelling," she said. "Modelling is part and parcel of the job, but I prefer fighting."

Katie is a brand ambassador for Toyota's Auris Hybrid and in 2011 was the face of Lucozade Sport.

Despite being the most photographed woman in Irish sport, Katie says she's not a fan of being snapped.

"I don't really feel that confident posing in front of the camera all the time.

"I'm just about the boxing and flying the flag. But you can't complain really if you're getting a free Jeep out of it," she laughs.



The 26-year-old Bray native will be leaving the voguing to the professionals as she training for the European Union Championships.

"My next big fight is in eight weeks. It's my first tournament since the Olympics.

"The long-term aim is to go to Rio and defend the title," she said. "But it's going to be a long hard four years.

"Hopefully I will come back even bigger and better – that's the dream anyway."

Katie was attending the Irish Traveller Pride Awards and says she can relate to the discrimination Travellers often encounter.

"I think the discrimination Travellers face is terrible," she said.

"I faced discrimination myself growing up doing women's boxing and all that. So I can definitely relate to the similarities."

The gold medallist says the Travelling community has been incredibly supportive of her and have boxing in their blood.

"There's a real connection with boxing and the Travelling community, what with John Joe Nevin," she said.

"So many great fighters come from a Travelling background.

"Travellers are the foundation of Irish boxing and boxing is in their blood," she continued.

"I get such great support from the community so I want to support them, too.

"Being here is a huge privilege for me."