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I'd love baby number three but it's just too costly, reveals top model Sarah McGovern


Sarah McGovern

Sarah McGovern

Sarah McGovern

Top model Sarah McGovern has revealed she won't be going for baby number three.

Sarah is already mum to Jude (3) and Robyn (1) with her husband Kenny Vaughan but said having another child isn't on the agenda.

Like lots of other working mums, Sarah said it wouldn't be worth her going to work due to the hefty childcare costs.

"You know what, my heart says I would love to but my head says probably not when it comes to having another baby," she told the Diary.

"If I won the Lotto in the morning it would make things a lot easier because I could give up work and have another child.

"I think you need to have so much more time on your hands to have a third, plus a lot more money to get them minded and everything.

"I always thought I'd have three but I'm now realising that it costs a lot and also the time as well. I probably will have to say no, it's terrible," she added.

Sarah (33) feels as though the world is structured around two parents and two children.

"It's a different count, we're in an apartment now so we'd need a house, a bigger car etc," she admits.


"I have friends who after two children were like 'I'm done and I'm happy' and I wish I could be like that but I think it's that I had really great pregnancies and I loved birth.

"I loved the babies and you do get this urge to have more and then you realise they grow up very quickly and they're a lot more hard work than you probably imagined. You kind of go: 'As much as I'd like another one, realistically I have to stop'," she added.

The busy mum spends her days dashing from fashion shows to photo shoots and has also tried her hand at presenting a few segments about iClothing for Xpose.

However, she admits styling and presenting a segment is a lot more work than she anticipated.

"It's tough. It's definitely something I can see myself doing in the future," she said.

While her children sometimes appear with her on shoots, it's not a career she would encourage them to go for.

"It's the insecurity of the whole thing. It's just the not knowing when your next job will be or when your next pay check will come," she said.

"That's the whole worry. I don't necessarily want that for my child either. But it's harder to be a full-time model in Ireland nowadays, there's so much competition."