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Ibrahim's hunger strike goes on in jail


Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim Halawa

IMPRISONED teenager Ibrahim Halawa is still on hunger strike in Egypt, despite his family's concern for his health.

The 19-year-old Dubliner announced his intention to refuse food in an open letter last week.

His sister, Nusayba, said he has passed messages through visitors to his cellmates that he doing okay, but his mother, Amina, will not get to see him until tomorrow.

She visits Ibrahim every week and tries to bring him food when she can.

The family have repeatedly expressed concern over his well-being as they suspect he has inherited heart problems from his father.

"I hope that he will stop because it is only going to harm him. The authorities don't care, it doesn't affect them," Nusayba told the Herald.

"The last time he went on hunger strike I asked him to stop and he listened. Now this is his way of saying that he can't handle it any more."

Ibrahim was only 17 when he was arrested, along with his three sisters, during the Al Fateh Mosque siege in August 2013.

He faces a mass-trial alongside 493 other defendants, but proceedings have been adjourned seven times.

The Irish Government is providing consular assistance to Ibrahim in Cairo, but it is facing increasing pressure to secure his immediate release via a presidential decree.