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Ian Dempsey: 'Ray leaving Today FM is the elephant in the room'


Ian Dempsey

Ian Dempsey

Ian Dempsey

Ray D'Arcy's departure was described this morning as "the elephant in the room" by breakfast show presenter Ian Dempsey.

While wishing D'Arcy the best, Dempsey also made moves to reassure listeners that the station will go on without him.

"It is like as if you are reading about somebody who has passed on or something like that," said Dempsey.

"Nobody has died here it is just one person who has decided to move from one job to another and the person who was doing the job at this particular company will be replaced by somebody else," he added.

"He has moved on and we wish him the very best of luck."

He pointed out that D'Arcy has until February to prepare his new RTE Show adding: "No pressure Ray."

2FM presenter Will Leahy said that he wasn't shocked at the move and congratulated RTE on a major coup saying it is "a great move for both Ray and RTE".

"He will bring a chunk of listeners to the station that probably never listened to it before," he said. "He can introduce a lot of his existing ideas to a new audience."

Another 2FM star kicked off speculation on who will replace D'Arcy at Today FM, suggesting that Anton Savage would be "an excellent successor".

Meanwhile, Dustin the Turkey took to Twitter to congratulate his old Den sidekick saying: "Ray will get a good ten years at Radio One and then he'll be nearly old enough to join 2FM."