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I would love to act alongside Nidge on Love/Hate

Because we were contracted to BINTM until our exit from the show, I hadn't been able to look into anything, but now I am free to pursue a career in TV and I can't wait.

I would love to get into RTE and a role on Love/Hate with Nidge would be amazing.

My bitchy alter-ego could come out and I'd be able to get into loads of scraps, you might as well set the bar high.

Tyson [Beckford], who was a judge on the show, said he can see me being an actress or working on television because I was talking so much. After being around the cameras and wearing a microphone on the show, I really got an atmosphere for working on TV.

Now, I really want to strike while the iron is hot and go into acting and presenting courses.

I love modelling, but you are trying to sell a product, whereas when you are acting you can really bring your own personality to it.

I have found an acting course in London so I'm going to look into that.

My mum's from London so there's plenty of places where I can stay.

I'm looking into it for September because I want to make a plan, but I don't know if I'd move there.

I wouldn't be naive enough to go over there and just expect to be an entertainment person, but I love London and I go over there a few times a year so it's always good fun.