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'I would have been a nurse or teacher if it hadn't been for music,' says Una

She's carved out a successful career in music, but Una Foden has revealed her career path wasn't always so clear.

Although the Saturdays star was always passionate about music, she admitted her life could have been very different to how it is now if she never got her lucky break.

"I did try out a few different things - nursing and primary school teaching," she said.

"But music never left me and was always what I wanted to do so I went down that path and it's led me to where I am today."

After seven successful years in the famous girl band, Una revealed that although The Saturdays aren't breaking up, she's definitely returning to the studio to record a solo album in the near future.

However, the star said she's in no rush to go back to work as she adjusts to life in a new house with her rugby star husband Ben Foden and their two children.

"I'm just now settling back in my new home in Northampton and we have a little boy who is only four months old. Primarily, that's what I am focussed on at the moment, being a mum," she said.

"I am in the studio again soon. I'm writing a lot of music and putting together an album of my own. The Saturdays is still The Saturdays and we have lots of plans for the future but we are kind of doing our own thing for these few months."

The talent show judge, who was recently crowned the Shannon Airport Tipperary Woman of the Year, also said that despite her busy family life, she still regularly chats to Voice of Ireland winner Patrick Donoghue, who she mentored on the show.


"I am in touch with Patrick all the time. We regularly speak on the phone and I am up to date with what he is doing, what he is recording and all that kind of thing," she said

"He's going to go on to do great things."

After winning this year's competition, Una said she would happily return to the popular RTE show.

"It was a great experience, I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again if it ever came back," she said.

After moving back to the UK after the Voice of Ireland ended, Una admitted she misses living in Ireland.

"Home is where the heart is and my heart is still definitely here," the singer said.

"I move around so much because I am so busy with work and everything but I always still call Thurles home. It's where my family is and I still have loads of friends here," she added.