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'I would feel more comfortable if we all wore a mask'


Barry Byrne in the city centre yesterday

Barry Byrne in the city centre yesterday

Barry Byrne in the city centre yesterday

Dublin commuters in the city centre yesterday were overwhelmingly in support of a proposal for mandatory face masks for people using public transport.

Edita Gutaitiene: "I use the Luas every day and I wear a face mask. I think everybody should, especially if there are going to be more people allowed on public transport.

"I would feel more comfortable if everyone was wearing a face covering. I have noticed that on the Luas people are sitting in the seats which are sectioned-off as the trams get full. It is a bit scary because they are not supposed to use those seats.

"I don't have a choice in using public transport. I have to use it to get to the city from Stillorgan."

Siobhan Farrell: "I'm a regular Luas user, and it wouldn't matter to me if I had to wear a face mask if it kept everyone safe. I sometimes wear one, but if it was a situation where I couldn't use the Luas without one then I would wear one."

Kauany Abreu: "I wear a face mask every day on the Luas, and I wish everybody would. I see a lot of people using face masks in Ireland, which is good, but they should all wear them on public transport.

"I do feel at risk if there are people on the Luas not wearing them, and I do see people using the seats that have signs on them telling passengers they are not in use. I would get off a tram instead of sitting in one of those seats."

Barry Byrne: "I live in the city and use the Luas every day, and I think everybody should wear a face mask. I wear one and I've taught my kids to use them too.

"I'm not happy with the number being allowed on Luas trams and sitting in seats they shouldn't be in. I tell people to move. I'd be happier if everybody wore a cover on their face."

Eamon Rice: "I use the bus regularly. I have the free pass, and I would agree that everyone on public transport should wear a face mask. I usually wear a mask and gloves too, it makes sense. I would agree with a policy that makes face masks mandatory."

Shannon Monko and her mother Linda: "We travelled in from Ashbourne on Bus Eireann and it was the first time on a bus in a long time. There was hardly anybody on it, but I had a face mask with me as a precaution," said Shannon.

"Anyone can get coronavirus so I think a rule to make everyone wear a mask on public transport would be a good one, especially if more people are going to be allowed on buses and trains. I'd feel safer."