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I won't stop smoking cannabis -- TD Ming

New TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan is ready for the high life as the first TD who admits he still smokes joints.

Not only does he smoke them but he grows his own illegal cannabis and has no plans to stop. The 39-year-old has campaigned for years for hash to be legalised and says he still feels as strongly about the legalisation of cannabis now as when he first entered politics in 1997.

Ming said he is not the first TD to break the law: "Was David Norris not breaking the law by having homosexual sex back when it was illegal or the TDs who used condoms when they were illegal?"

The Roscommon-South Leitrim TD admits to smoking a few joints a week to relax and claims he does not care that he is breaking the law by growing the plants.

"I have been open about it for a long time," he said.