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I won't sleep tonight ... I'm too nervous about results!

As D-Day looms for thousands of Leaving Cert students around the country, Herald exam diarist George McGovern admits he won't get much sleep tonight.

The Blackrock College pupil is hoping to get enough points to study architecture in UCD but is adamant he won't repeat the year even if he doesn't get his course.

"I'm sort of nervous but I'm trying not to think about it because it's done now and there's no point in worrying.

"I think I'm going to do a lot worse than I thought I'd done. I don't think I'll get what I expected. Maybe I'll get a surprise, I'll have to see tomorrow."

George estimates he needs around 460 points to get his first choice but he's prepared to settle for his lower choices like Commerce or Business, Economics and Social Studies (BESS) in Trinity College Dublin.

"I have architecture down and then commerce is my second choice. If I get around 450 or 460 I should get either of those. If I don't, there are other courses that are lower down in points that I could do. If worse comes to worst, I'll do that.

"I definitely won't repeat. I wouldn't like to do the year again. It's grand to do it once, but I think to do it twice would be too much."

After a relaxing summer of holidaying in Majorca, Wales and Waterford, George will queue alongside his friends outside the Blackrock principal's office to get his results.

"We'll go in individually into the principal's office and the principal will give us our results. We have to count the points up ourselves. That's the nerve-wracking bit.

"Everyone will be around, all of my friends from school. And we're all going out in town, a lot of places are selling tickets so we'll have to get one. It's going to be packed because everyone will be in town."

He added: "I've been playing golf for the summer and I was away in Wales and I went to Waterford with my friends. Before we head off to college, we'll go to Lahinch in Clare for a weekend too."