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I won't sip tea with Sepp anytime soon - Delaney

JOHN Delaney has branded the re-election of FIFA supremo Sepp Blatter as "shocking for football" saying he won't be sitting down with him for "a cup of tea".

"I don't know of any other business or any other sport even, that you can have seven of your closest colleagues taken from their beds ... and still have someone survive at the head," the FAI boss said, referring to the arrests of FIFA officials on allegations of corruption.

Mr Delaney said he expected Mr Blatter to get elected last night, and said he was "disappointed" with the outcome.

However, he believes the 79-year-old will not weather the storm over the arrests earlier this week.

Mr Blatter himself wasn't arrested, has denied any wrongdoing, and said that he welcomed the investigation.

According to Mr Delaney, the controversy is "the beginning of the end for Blatter," with whom he said he always had a "difficult" working relationship.

"There's a court process in America and on top of that UEFA have to consider what's happened - and Blatter himself admits there's a lot more to come," he said.

The FAI had supported Jordan's prince Ali Bin al-Hussein in last night's election.

Mr Delaney said that he will still have a working relationship with FIFA.

"But I don't think I would ever be sitting down with Blatter for a cup of tea," he added.