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'I won't play it like Marilyn' - Aoibhinn on Misfits stage role


Aoibhinn McGinnity

Aoibhinn McGinnity

Actresses Aoibhéan McCann and Aoibhinn McGinnity pictured at the launch

Actresses Aoibhéan McCann and Aoibhinn McGinnity pictured at the launch


Aoibhinn McGinnity

Former Love/Hate actress Aoibhinn McGinnity is to take on one of Marilyn Monroe's most iconic roles in an adaptation of The Misfits.

McGinnity will play Roslyn Taber in an upcoming production of Arthur Miller's 1961 film adapted by theatre company the Corn Exchange.

The movie tells the story of Roslyn, who arrives in Reno to finalise a painful divorce, before shacking up with ageing cowboy Gay Langland, played by Clark Gable.


McGinnity said she had never seen the film and had no intention of watching it before rehearsals begin.

"I am not going to play it like Marilyn Monroe," she said.

"I don't want to play it like that so I thought don't watch it or it will always be in my head, and it might mess up your journey."

McGinnity is looking forward to treading the boards after spending the past few months working on Netflix series Nightflyers.

The new horror sci-fi series is based on George RR Martin's novella and has been dubbed 'Psycho in Space'.

It was shot at Limerick's Troy Studios and will air on US network Syfy and Netflix.

"I play a systems engineer and got to be on board the ship. It was the biggest set I have ever been on - so big I got lost on it," McGinnity said.

But now all her attention is focused on rehearsals for The Misfits.

The play is being rewritten by Annie Ryan and will form part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, which will run from 27 September to October 14.

Oscar nominee Ruth Negga will take on the titular role of Hamlet in Shakespeare's tragedy at the Gate Theatre.

Dublin Theatre Festival director Willie White said it was unlikely Negga would demand a salary of Tinseltown proportions.

He said that in general when film actors work in theatre, it is the passion for the project that drives them rather than the salary.

Hamlet will also star Trainspotting's Fiona Bell, Owen Roe and Mark Huberman.

Downton Abbey actor Brendan Coyle, who played John Bates in the hit series, will star in a new production of Conor McPherson's St Nicholas.

Coyle and McPherson previously collaborated on The Weir, which won both the actor and the playwright Olivier Awards in 1999.

Peaky Binders star Cillian Murphy will receive an award for his outstanding contribution to Irish theatre.

"It basically involves a nice meal and everyone telling Cillian how wonderful he is," White said.

White also spoke about a "tumultuous" few years on Ireland's theatre scene.


In 2015, the Waking the Feminists campaign highlighted the lack of gender parity, and last year allegations of inappropriate behaviour were levied at the then artistic director of the Gate, Michael Colgan.

"It has been very upsetting," White said.

"We have had to look into ourselves and see if we practise the values we say we believe in, but we have come out the other end of that in quite a positive frame of mind."

White referred to initiatives such as Speak Up & Call It Out, and said change had been "long overdue".